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11-Apr-2020 00:20

Kristen Stewart is "definitely" open to dating men again in the future.

The 27-year-old actress said in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar U. that she wanted "to try everything" following her split from her last boyfriend, "Some people aren't like that," she acknowledged.

I also think this is why men don’t write about their sex lives.

Something like that.“You are so hot,” feels worse than “I am so turned on by you right now.” If I’m hot, there is no connection, no caring. That shit is one of the the most toxic parts of toxic masculinity.

But, I also know basically zero men who haven’t been touched by it to some degree, and if I’m being generous, it likely brings pain to the men who are feeling it than the reflected shame does to me.

That’s where all this male anger at big women comes from; it’s not because men don’t desire them, I experienced some version of this the other night.

This guy I hooked up with mentioned, a few times, how much he likes very petite women.Damon Young tackles the issue of why men don’t write about sex in this piece here.For me, I think this was the most telling quote: And, ok, that’s a good explanation for why he doesn’t say “I had a threeway last week,” or “I haven’t had sex in over a year,” but it doesn’t explain why men don’t say “touching her breasts made me really horny.” However, I think that’s covered in to openly talk about how turned on he got. Because society labels men creepy when they are open about their sexual feelings.Because here’s the thing; when I was dating women, I still saw those images; they just didn’t bug me as much.