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31-Aug-2020 23:49

Folk Trolling, a small, reactionary movement, has gained some foothold within recent years on the newer, more established forums ((such as Rules 1 and 2, and ebaumsworld, but for the most part, modern trolling shows its roots in the migratory and post-migratory periods of trolling.

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However, the quality of such amateur trolling is very high and can be easily confused with veteran troll artists.

Individual trolls began popping up, and would utilize a strongly postmodern-influenced style of writing, combined with absurdism and pastische, in order to disrupt the normal flow of life, and alert people to their growing dependency on the, then, nascent internet.

Usenet Era work is mostly lost to time, as many Usenet groups have been abandoned and no one has financed any expeditions to these ruins in order to discover ancient trolling technique.

Some schools such as Platt High School even have their own after school trolling activity club.

The aim is to promote trolling in all aspects of life.Yahoo first started including comment boards with their news articles around 2004.They had to stop the service because of the sudden burst of troll behavior among its participants.It is not to be taken without a grain of salt, though, as any reference to ancient trolling is purely hearsay.