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15-Jun-2020 14:23

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“I used to be really old-fashioned when it came to meeting men,” said Louise, 30.

“I even frowned upon friends who went on dates with men they met at bars.

“Like most women after a break-up, I went through a phase of thinking all men are idiots and that I'll never find someone worthy of my attention,” Sandra, 25, confessed.

“It took me almost a year but I eventually saw that it's not every other man's fault that my relationship didn't work, so I shouldn't 'punish' them for it.” ALSO READ: Before jumping back into the dating scene, you should spend time alone and get to know yourself again.

“I realised I was scaring men away when I brought up my ex to three dates I went on so I stopped doing it and had better results,” said Nessa, 27.

Be Positive It's hard to think of happy endings after a break-up but step out of this mindset and look at the future with positive thoughts.

While you should have a positive attitude towards dating, don't expect every man you meet to be the most wonderful man ever.

It’s quite common in the dating arena for men to play it cool and women to play hard to get.

Mar 28, 2016. Like, give me advice about what to do in any particular situation. Let's just say there have been plenty of dates, not too many relationships, and. you can actually see why you're having a hard time and think 'No wonder we.… continue reading »

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