Dating pregnancy right after miscarriage

27-Sep-2020 05:57

I miscarried in July 2009 and wad pregnant again by September 2009. I miscarried again in February 2011 and I am now 14 weeks pregnant with my second. Good luck to you :)~ Nikki I had a miscarriage on July 28 2010. At first my doc thought i was having a molar pregnancy, but two weeks later he determined it was in fact a baby. Also sorry for your loss x They tell you to wait for two reasons (after a normal M/C no D&C), one so they can date the pregnancy easier.

Then the second reason is so the mom has some time to heal, a mommy who just lost is nor hassle for the DR (i know selfish right? My only pregnancy to last (7 miscarriages) was right after i had my first miscarriage.

I know symptoms and HCG can stay in your body for a while!

I had a D&c April 5th and got pregnant 7.5 weeks after ( I waited for my period just to make sure my everything was healed) I am unsure of when you could test , did you feel yourself ovulate? I had 2 blood test done to make sure the hcg levels went down to 0.

My doc said wait for one normal period and then I can try again.

Everything passed on its own and my hcg, as of last week, was already back down to 38.

Sorry for your loss it is the world's worst feeling. I didn't have a period in between and so I believe I am still early - just 4 weeks so my fingers and toes are crossed that this little one stays put!

i got BFP just 6 weeks after giving birth to my son, with no AF in between.

I think i might request another blood test from my doctor.

I had 2 blood test done to make sure the hcg levels went down to 0.I'm just wondering if anyone has gotten pregnant right away?I haven't seen anything that doing so would increase your chances of another miscarriage, and I guess I'm wondering what the medical reason is for waiting.My doctor gave me the "doctor" advice of wait 2-3 cycles before trying again, but she also gave me the "mommy" advice (she had a total of 6 mc's herself) of you're most fertile after a mc or giving birth, so try again whenever you're physically/emotionally ready.

A working knowledge of the key terms used in pregnancy dating is helpful in the treatment of miscarriages and other pregnancy losses. A due date, for example, is the estimated date of delivery EDD, or sometimes EDC or the date when a pregnancy reaches exactly 40 weeks from the last menstrual period.… continue reading »

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That mean i got pregnant 2wks after my doc said i conceived on July 5 2012 and that was exactly right, because that was the exact date of my 1st time having sex since the miscariage. I'm due April 5, 2013 with my second child which is a BOY.… continue reading »

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The predicted risk of miscarriage in a future pregnancy remains about 14 percent after one miscarriage. After two miscarriages the risk of another miscarriage increases to about 26 percent, and after three miscarriages the risk of… continue reading »

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If u had a negative on 16th and a positive today then you should work out due date range between then and now. In theory it could have implanted any time from 4 weeks after u miscarried that would be equivalent to an LMP date of the date of ur miscarriage up until today equivalent to an LMP date of 4 weeks ago today.… continue reading »

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My only pregnancy to last 7 miscarriages was right after i had my first miscarriage. I like you looked online to see if i could find a reason not to try. We decided not to stop trying and he is now a happy and very healthy 16 month old. They will have to do an ultrasound to figure out a DD because you could ovulate at any time.… continue reading »

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