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The Diary Junction is a new internet resource providing information on, and links for, over 300 historical and literary diarists This site covers English history from 802 to the present.

See this site for an extensive collection of photographs of Queen Victoria and her times.

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Peel has been seen as both the founder and betrayer of the Conservative Party and also as the real founder of the Liberal Party.

In the major poems of his middle period, Tennyson combined the larger scale required by his new ambitions with his original gift for the brief lyric by building long poems out of short ones.

(1850) is an elegy for Hallam, formed by 133 individual lyrics.

As the title suggests, it was a collection of dramatic monologues, among them “Porphyria’s Lover,” “Johannes Agricola in Meditation,” and “My Last Duchess.” The monologues make clear the radical originality of Browning’s new manner: they involve the reader in sympathetic identification with the interior processes of criminal or unconventional minds, requiring active rather than merely passive engagement in the processes of moral judgment and self-discovery.

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The differences between Browning and Tennyson underline the creative diversity of the period.Only with the publication of (1864) did Robert Browning achieve the sort of fame that Tennyson had enjoyed for more than 20 years.The volume contains, in “Rabbi Ben Ezra,” the most extreme statement of Browning’s celebrated optimism.This web site covers many social, political and economic issues in the period 1830-50 and was written for A Level History students studying this period. Hidden London aims to unlock the secrets of the city, leading you to places of interest that most people don't realise exist.

Introduction. Please note I am sorry to announce that the Life in a Lens Museum is now closed – for the foreseeable future. The museum is situated in our Victorian building shown below dating from 1861, which we renovated especially for the purpose and we have encouraged a Victorian ambiance throughout.… continue reading »

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