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Damian leaves his mother and Tim to an unknown fate, while he goes off to be with his father.Unfortunately, he ends up captured by Ra's and nearly loses his life.Although misguided and malicious, Damian seemed to genuinely want to aid Batman's war on crime as Damian saw himself as Wayne's true son though that remained unconfirmed.Eventually, Batman confronted Talia, but both Talia and Damian were soon caught in an explosion.Genetically perfected and grown in an artificial womb, Damian was intended to be a formidable warrior.Raised by Talia and the League of Assassins, Damian became a talented martial artist by the time he was a pre-teen.Because they haven’t always had to rely on their looks (that unforgiving inch of red hair has worked 'round the clock against them), 9 times out of 10 they will have naturally winning personalities.

Precocious, spoiled, selfish and violent, Damian battled Robin (Tim Drake), whom Damian wanted to replace as Batman's sidekick, and sucker punched him off the T. Grounded by Batman, Damian escaped, donned a variant Robin costume made of Jason Todd's old tunic and assorted League of Assassin gear, and got into a fight with the villainous Spook, whom he decapitated.

So much so that there's been talks of whether 'gingerism' is as bad a racism. Photographer Thomas Knights released an entire exhibition in New York's BOSI Gallery trying to bring down stereotypes of ginger men and promote their eternal hotness. All those years of playground torture have molded them into the hardy, self-confident MEN they are now.

It’s not because he was rich, and it certainly wasn’t ‘cuz he was good looking; t'was his magical ginger locks that gave him an edge that other men just can't replicate, and no self-respecting woman can resist. Here’s 21 reasons red-headed guys are actually ginger Gods amongst men.

They survived the explosion, but a badly injured Damian required transplants of harvested organs, which his mother ordered her physicians to carry out. Talia, Head of the Demon, takes Damian to the Australian Outback where he is tutored in the secret history of his grandfather, Ra's al Ghul.

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Talia is unaware that a former servant of Ra's, named White Ghost, plans to use Damian as a shell for the soul of Ra's to return to Earth. Talia is able to save her son from his fate at the last minute.

When they actually manage to get a tan it’s like you’ve got one of the rarest jewels right in the palm of your hands. Science says ginger people have higher pain thresholds than the rest of us. If you manage to reproduce with this man you could be in for the most bitchin’ hot family of red head babies ever.

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Robin is a fictional character in publications from DC Comics. Robin has long been a fixture in the Batman comic books as Batman's sidekick. Since 1940, several.… continue reading »

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