Dating in colombia 2016

12-Sep-2020 20:30

So if you’re looking for a date in Medellín, first thing’s first; forget dating an expat.Most are only here for the paisa women, and anyone who tells you they aren’t, is probably lying.One physical characteristic which is common to the vast majority of Colombian women is that they tend to be much shorter than women in North America or Europe. One thing I can guarantee is that in pretty much any Colombian town or city you will see beautiful Colombian girls.But not only are Colombian women beautiful, they can also be incredibly flirtatious.Paisa men can dance, so prepare to be led across the dance floor as he shows you his sexy moves.

They were friendly, kind, sweet, generous, sincere and in many cases overwhelmingly beautiful. You can find pretty much any type of woman (and man) in Colombia just as you can in other parts of the world.

Since I’ve been in Medellín, I have not failed to notice the hoards of attractive women who in my opinion, far outweigh the attractive men.

I have also not failed to notice the amount of international men (or gringos) who come here looking for attractive women and have read the numerous articles on how to date a paisa woman. With so much attention focused on the gorgeous (and yes I am a bit jealous) paisa women, I think it’s only fair to talk about the men, and after three months of living in Medellín complaining about the lack of good-looking men, something very strange has happened.

According to some gringos whom I’ve spoken to currently dating paisa women, they don’t even turn up at all, and they have to arrange three dates for the probability of them turning up to at least one.

When we have a date, we turn up (most of the time anyway).

In the coastal regions, for example, the majority of the people are of black descent, whereas in the area around Medellin and the coffee region the population is much whiter.