Dangers of christians dating non christians Iphone 4 sex webcam chat room free

03-Apr-2020 11:59

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The primary reason is this: Why are you dating the person you are dating?Isn't it because you are looking for that special person you hope to marry in the future?And, I can tell you, nearly every time the Christian will eventually fall (or be "pulled down").A good quote regarding this from Matthew Henry says, "for there is more likelihood that the good will be perverted, than that the bad will be converted." I should also add that there is the danger of the "non-Christian" person you are dating making a profession of faith simply to please YOU.

As a Christian dating a non-Christian, you will almost certainly be tempted to compromise your faith at times, especially in the area of physical intimacy.

Each has different characteristics and traits which would make it very difficult to "plow together" (just as a Christian and non-Christian cannot "plow together").