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18-Apr-2020 11:14

“In and of itself, it’s not going to stop you, but if you really want to quit, these will help keep you from going on the Internet,” he said.

“If it helps the sex addict keep sober, it’s a positive experience, not a punitive one.” Does Being Online Aggravate Certain Addictions?

“Whoever produces and engineers these sites understands what creates the addictions.

It’s anywhere from the photos to the graphics, from the music to the flashing lights, which creates euphoric experiences that are highly pleasurable,” he said. regulations, and if teens can get to it, they’ll find it.” He noted online poker sites are a particular problem with teenaged gambling addicts.

It isn’t the Internet itself, but how quickly it can provide stimulation to those that have a predisposition to addiction. Michael Fenichel, a New York-based clinical and school psychologist who has closely studied and lectured on addictive behaviors, agrees that the Internet and social media are not inherently addictive, but provide “great temptations.” “The Internet is a tool, used by people,” he said.

“In and of itself it’s just wires, routers, servers, and software.

Now, everything is right there, any websites you want.” Gambling addicts can feel the lure of the Internet very easily by simply setting up an account.

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“I think you’re right to include gambling and sex as ‘addictive’ online behaviors,” said Fenichel.But there is often a connection between the behavior and smartphones, causing families and marriages problems.“One of the guys in my practice is a sex addict, and he needed two years of sobriety before his wife would give him permission to have an i Phone,” said Rosenberg.And the advent of mobile devices, which more people now use to log online than traditional computers, makes it even easier to gamble, look at pornography, or do any sort of behavior that used to require far more effort, according to psychologists and addictions specialists. S., even though several states are considering legislation.

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However, people can still log on to overseas gambling sites and bet, and since an estimated 2 to 5 percent of Americans have a gambling addiction, millions of people can potentially be affected by online gaming.

This changes the game because previously, a sex addict needed to leave his or her house to engage in risky behavior, but the Internet brings instant gratification — and mobile devices just mean a sex addict doesn’t have to wait to get home and log on.

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