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05-Jun-2020 07:19

You can also filter potential matches by gender, school, major and even year of school.

Pure stands out because it basically finds you an instant hookup.

(Swipe right for hot, and left for not.) If two people both swipe right, they’re a match, and a chat box will pop up allowing you to begin a conversation with each other.

Tinder has basically replaced the middle man that used to exist a few years ago.

Guys, at least at my school, are pretty rude as soon as the sun goes down.

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We’re expected to find ‘the one’ and be on the track to marriage by age 22, yet all college students want to do is grind at a bar, go home with someone and never have to see them again.

Most of my friends met their significant others organically, but I have a handful of friends who found their special someone via dating apps, even as a junior in college.

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