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What would an anthropology of London need to include?

Issues which will be raised include the status of the body; biological or cultural, the sex/gender distinction, kinship and concepts of the person, in the light of gender theories, psychoanalytic approaches to gender, sexuality and the body, race and colonialism, resistance and power politics.

Anthropology today examines anthropological contributions to public understanding and discourse.

This module emphasises the unique methodologies that anthropologists use to engage with contemporary issues that affect us all, including exploitation and the distribution of wealth, gender inequality, social networking, and illegal immigration.

Although ‘visual anthropology’ is usually taken as synonymous with a certain kind of ethnographic/ documentary filmmaking, this course will look at issues concerned with a broader sense of the visual and its use within anthropology through a focus on several media – photography, sound, and film –and an exploration of their productive possibilities for anthropologists.

In doing so the course takes up Eliot Weinberger’s criticism of contemporary visual anthropology for adopting a narrow definition of its field and its available tools, when the conjunction of ‘visual’ with ‘anthropology’ should actually open up a whole range of creative possibilities for conducting and presenting research.

The course will explore the role of photography, sound, and film in anthropology in terms of both the history of their use within the discipline, and also the potentials they hold for new ways of working as anthropologists.