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31-May-2020 12:04

Search for the Admin Password tags: I have accessed the sysinfo.f24 file from the router, but I don't really know what information is relevant to connecting my voip phone – I have a gigaset C610 IP. I will list the setup I use for a Billion 7800VDPX. I had to connect the OPTUS modem to the NBN, just to allow it to fill out the SIP data.

For example, I need: Authentication name, Authentication password, Username, and Display name. Only attempt this if you have setup SIP accounts before. When I first looked at the modem the voip was blank, but after a few minutes it filled out then user name/password.

Ok, here is how to get the admin password for the Optus NBN Sage MCOM router, for those people like me whose router encrypts the file.

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At the end what I want to achieve is to use the ATA for all telephony purpose and get rid of the SAGEMCOM modem totally however right now I'm facing 2 problems: 1) Still couldn't register Optus SIP in my ATA (Linksys PAP2) as a 2nd line (Error: Can't connect to the login server) 2) When I connect my router (Netgear R8000) directly to the NBN NTD, the DNS server stops responding after a minute or so resulting in no IP assigned to my router i.e. However I was successful connecting my laptop directly to NBN NTD's Uni-D1 using a LAN cable and was able to connect to internet for a long period of time without an issue. I have to leave the Optus router connected directly to the NTD for 72 hours to get the Vo IP registered or to actually get it to Optus' system. I have now found the simplest way of extracting login details from this modem.

It changed the admin password to one of theirs so used the instructions above and got back into it. Copied all the details from the router and password decrypted as well but not working. I get "Proxy Authentication Required" error when try to call a number.

Was able to rip all the SIP settings but i'm trying to dissect what the difference is between the authentication on the Optus NBN modem and my other router that won't connect when plugged in. I'm waiting on an ATA as well, I assume if I can't get this work on a softphone, might be the same when I get my ATA?? Edit: This is no fix, doesn't give you an error, gives a green light but can't make and receive phone calls. Got my optus nbn going today I had "unlocked" my Sagemcom modem, but during the initial config connection all my work seems to have been undone it seems new firmware was downloaded. My X-Lite displays registration is OK but as soon as any number is called I get "The number you called is not available.. Anyone able to make outbound calls with the SAGEMCOM extracted Optus SIP details? Finally I could make call from X-Lite successfully using Optus SIP .

Under SIP ACCOUNT I created a new VOIP Account and filled out as followed Extension 07xxxxxxxx Display Name 07xxxxxxxx Username 07xxxxxxxx Password I Decrypted the Password from between the Paul 88888, you are awesome, that worked perfectly. from the end of the password Now I have been able to change the router password and make it more secure Now to try to work out how to set up port forwarding...

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Oh one other thing, I'm interested in free beer's suggestion: If I don't want Optus to reconfigure my settings on this router, I'm assuming I should disable "TR-069 client – Configuration"??? I would hate for them to somehow lock it up again Thanks again dylan, OK I will disable that.

If I instead specified the IP from the config it would work fine - This is with a Fritz Box 7390. I've had to do some tweaking of the settings to get it to this stage with the way NBN is handling Vo IP packets, but I'll post here once I get it running perfectly incase someone else wants to do this in the future.

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