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01-Jun-2020 00:58

So, since Carbon-dating requires that a tiny piece of an item be cut off and burned, hardly ever are we going to have Carbon-dating of items in these major collections.

This is what makes the Greek Collection policy so useful, not only for their own items, but also for the fields of papyrology and palaeography more widely.

It represents the thousands of manuscripts and fragments of manuscripts that have survived the centuries.” He adds, “Of the manuscripts that remain to us today, no two are exactly the same.

How then can we have confidence that the Bible we possess today is the Bible as God inspired and intended it?

—— Carbon-14 and Palaeographical Dating of Papyri by larryhurtado I returned yesterday from an invitational conference in Oklahoma City on dating papyri (sponsored by the Green Scholars Initiative, hereafter GSI).

Out of respect for the presenters of papers, I won’t pre-empt publication by giving details.

He turned down an offer to sell his expansive collection.

I myself was not skeptical about a scientific test like carbon 14 dating (which has sometimes been criticized by young earthers and old Shrouders) Here is Larry’s report.

But, as I say, the Green Collection’s tests do give us a second basis for some confidence in palaeographical dating practice.