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23-Aug-2020 03:24

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In this case she is like a whore who steals the John’s wallet after being paid the agreed upon price.That’s if she is even telling the whole truth about this.To a believing Jew, I think that’s still a bad thing.Second, there’s no doubt about the verity of this story.

First, there’s nothing “alleged” about T-rump being a serial adulterer.

No one actually cares about the story, it’s just political posturing. The Stormy Daniels story is not about Stormy Daniels.

It’s about removing Trump from office in one of two ways: (a) getting Trump under oath in the hope that he will lie, providing a basis for impeachment should Democrats regain control of the House and Senate, or prosecution.

That was established the second she said to herself “Okay, here we go,” it was an admission that she has done this before. If she recorded it, then she is liable for blackmail or at least making a recording without the permission of the participants (depends on state, I am told).

“Trump allegedly cheating on a wife is a Casablanca moment.Neither affair, it is self, hurts him (except with Melania).Lying under oath, however, that becomes a bigger deal. I don’t see the relevance of either woman’s story either since – if they happened at all – they happened before he even thought about running for President. Don’t know what Stormy looked like 10 years ago, but she might have been out of Trump’s league even back then.Well, almost no one (and let’s face it, you’re pretty much the living embodiment of almost no one). That’s the interesting question here, but instead of tackling that truly fascinating question (one I have no doubt will confound presidential historians for centuries to come), you just stomp your feet and flail your little fisties around.