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It's such a great, simple idea: Young Brazilians want to learn English.Elderly Americans living in retirement homes just want someone to talk to. FCB Brazil did just that with its "Speaking Exchange" project for CNA language schools.It's exciting to see their reactions and contentment.It truly benefits both sides," says Joanna Monteiro, executive creative director at FCB Brazil.In something that Americans might consider to be a kangaroo court proceeding, he sentenced Mr. The rule of law in Brazil had already been dealt a devastating blow in 2016 when Mr. Rousseff, who was elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2014, was impeached and removed from office.Most of the world (and possibly most of Brazil) may believe that she was impeached for corruption.That multibillion-dollar scandal involved companies paying large bribes to officials of the state-owned oil company, Petrobras, to obtain contracts at grossly inflated prices. da Silva or his wife ever received title to, rented or even stayed in the apartment, nor that they tried to accept this gift. da Silva is based on the testimony of one convicted OAS executive, José Aldemário Pinheiro Filho, who had his prison sentence reduced in exchange for turning state’s evidence.According to reporting by the prominent Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo, Mr.

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(This evidence is discussed in the 238-page sentencing document.)But this scanty evidence was enough for Judge Moro.That would be a calamity for Brazilians, the region and the world.Language exchange in Brazil via conversation, email, text chat, voice chat.In the past two years, what could have been a historic advancement — the Workers’ Party government granted autonomy to the judiciary to investigate and prosecute official corruption — has turned into its opposite.