Bots 3d sex chats

31-Aug-2020 05:23

The key words for us are "Personality, Respect, Love and Empathy".

When you first install the app, you will be able to create and customize a 3D Avatar.

It will feature an external smooth silicone face that can be detached from the hard plastic skull and exchanged for different faces, allowing multiple characters.

We want users to have that illusion that the doll is actually talking to you and that she’s got sentience. You only need to have the Harmony app installed in your smartphone and our Bluetooth Speaker placed inside your doll's head, so her voice will come from your Real Doll, offering a more natural experience, without the financial investment required for the full robotic head system.The next step will be choosing among multiple attributes, traits and emotions that you find appealing and these initial choices will affect how the AI will behave when interacting with you.You can have your version of the AI be more or less happy, shy, sensual, funny, talkative etc.The public reaction pushed us into making them anatomically correct and sexually functional.