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24-Sep-2020 08:46

When someone’s uninterested, however, they become stiff.

How many guys had "nevermind"-ed me because my gaze showed that my interest was not in them?

Or if someone’s dealing with a condition like dandruff or a pimple, they’ll be more withdrawn, to try not to draw attention to it (which is why Van Edwards partnered with Head & Shoulders to help women feel their most confident in the dating game).

It might seem like a no-brainer, but eye contact makes all the difference—and it turns out that there are chemical reasons behind this.

Eye contact in a bar situation kinda felt like making the first move!

I quickly saw that avoiding eye contact can be a defense mechanism for me — a way of keeping myself from being rejected — but as my eye contact increased, so did the connections I made with potential suitors.“A person will angle their feet towards the person they’re most interested in, because subconsciously they want to move towards them.It’s fronting.” Essentially, the tell-tale signs are that if both feet are in parallel, it’s a good date; it’s a bad date when the feet are angled towards the door (which says means that you and your dogs want to get in you. A world in which you can tell if someone likes you right away could spare countless hours of deliberating over text messages with your BFFs, ghosting situations (the worst), and unwarranted high hopes (sad but true).

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