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I mean, they got rid of Richard Seymour and went to the Super Bowl.

Norv Turner, three-time NFL head coach and longtime coordinator who coached Troy Aikman: Brady's record speaks for itself.

He's been blessed to play his whole career for one of the best all-around coaches ever. Brady has taken the game to a new level with training, nutrition and overall fitness.

That is partly why he has been able to play at his prime level for such a long period of time.

Mike Shanahan: Peyton started a new wave of football -- coach on the field, being able to call plays at the line of scrimmage.

And then you take a look at his stats throughout his career: very impressive, especially with teams that were usually pretty average on defense.

Ray Rhodes, five-time Super Bowl champ and NFL Coach of the Year who made his playing debut in 1974: Football has changed over the years, but Brady has been consistently able to get his team to the playoffs, Super Bowls and win. He's in control of all aspects of the game, able to change his game to meet a specific plan.Voters did not automatically rank the players they worked with at the top, which illustrated how seriously they took the project. 1 vote Manning received came from a panelist with no ties to him.Dungy and Mudd spent wildly successful years with Manning and sang his praises at length, but both had Elway ranked higher.It takes an all-time-great voting panel to rank the greatest NFL quarterbacks of the modern era.

We have assembled one of those, which might be the last time everyone reading this treatise nods in solidarity.He was included in the survey because his career took off beginning in 1978, when Don Coryell took over as the San Diego Chargers' head coach. The first was the driven success they had with their teams.Final rankings were determined by how frequently each quarterback outranked the others who received votes across all 10 ballots -- call it the GOAT Index. Some of that was skewed by the quality of talent that they were surrounded with.Pete Carroll, Tony Dungy, Mike Holmgren, Howard Mudd, Wade Phillips, Mike Reinfeldt, Ray Rhodes, Mike Shanahan, Al Saunders and Norv Turner possess a combined 330 seasons of NFL experience.