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17-Aug-2020 21:03

After two winter with summer time, I don't know what to think, is it better to have more light on the afternoon or in the morning.

Article published in March 2011: In a lot of countries, each year it's the same speech, should we continue setting our clocks one hour forward or backward.

free and fair elections, independent press, people power, etc.), liberalism (e.g.

feminism, multiculturalism, interracialism, atheism, normalization of sexual perversions, recreational drug use, etc.), financial dependency (e.g.

There are pros and cons, and each year we can hear the same arguments.

Not anymore in Russia as a decree from President Dmitri Medvedev stated that Russia is permanently on daylight-saving time!

In other words, long feared by Anglo-American-Jews, Tehran has managed to bring the fight to Israel's (and Saudi Arabia's) borders and not the other way around -What's happening in south-eastern Turkey and northern Syria between Turks and Kurds is particularly fascinating.

But, again, I want to point out once more that the main problem Anglo-American-Jews have is not with Turkey per se but with the ruling administration in Ankara.dependency on credits and loans from Western financial institutions like the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, World Bank and the IMF) and open Armenian traits (i.e.those that help us succeed in foreign lands but not in our homeland) and the sociopolitical climate currently prevailing in Armenia (i.e.Let's hope Ankara bravely continues its journey away from NATO.

Let's hope Ankara continues using its ties with Moscow and Tehran as a hedge against the West.

This conversation is not even about corruption, crime, oligarchs, political parties or even politicians like Serj Sargsyan and Nikol Pashinyan.