Baseball and softball players dating

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A baseball/softball game is played by two teams who alternate between offense and defense. The goal is to score more runs than the opponent, which is achieved by one circuit of four bases that are placed on the diamond.

The defense wears leather baseball or softball gloves that fits on the hand. A baseball is a white ball roughly three inches in diameter with red stitching.

A softball is about twice as big as a baseball and is sometimes yellow.

Contrary to the name, a softball isn't softer than a baseball.

There's a pitcher in the middle of the infield who initiates the action by throwing the ball toward home plate. The infielders are the first baseman, second baseman, shortstop (between second and third base) and the third baseman.

There are three outfielders: The left fielder, center fielder, and right fielder.

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We Ma Ke Su Re We To Uc H e Ve Ry Ba Se Ca Re Fu Ll Y b Ef Or E s Co Rin G..5. A batter gets three strikes (a swing and a miss or a ball over the plate in what's deemed the strike zone (by an umpire) or he or she is out.If there are four balls (a pitch that is not in the strike zone), the batter is automatically allowed to go to first base.For example, if a player whose tenth birthday would fall on April 30, then the player would be considered a ten-year-old.