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29-Mar-2020 06:34

Personally, I don’t feel the need to subject myself to that kind of rejection any more. By the time he’s in his 40’s, he should have his act together a little. I’m just looking for a guy who’s nice to me, makes me laugh, and uses his brain.

These men online are either not serious or they’re deeply deluded about who they’ll wind up with. Incidentally, I read that book about finding a husband after 35. If asking out a woman is hard, it’s about a million times harder for a woman to ask a man out because we’re defying gender roles. It’s been a long time since I met a man I was really interested in.

There are a number of people who are so desperate for companionship that they’d do anything to avoid being alone.

I call these people ‘married people’.”I thought that was a brilliant answer.

That said, most single people (including myself) DO want to get married.

Which is why questions like and “Why He Isn’t That Into Me” are supremely relevant.

So ask yourself: are your goals and your actions aligned? I’m perfectly nice, average-looking, intelligent and intellectual, funny, creative, etc. There probably isn’t one guy that I wouldn’t have given a second chance, but out of many, many men only two of them ever gave me a second date.

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When we’re unemployed, we do everything in our power to find work. Are you taking online dating as seriously as you could be? Have you been searching for and initiating contact with men? Have you considered hiring a matchmaker or a dating coach?My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary this week. And as nice as you are, Evan, I don’t think you’ll ever truly understand what it’s like to be a single woman of a certain age, because it’s a different experience for men. I never thought I’d be spending my entire adult life alone. Yet when we’re single, we sort of hope things will work out. If you’re not doing all of these things, you’re not doing enough.