Aries and cancer dating

12-Jul-2020 02:03

An Aries woman may seem inconsiderate and thoughtless but she would never hurt anyone on purpose.

His casual comments might break her soft, vulnerable heart.An Aries needs to have his individual existence and freedom, while a Cancer has a constant need for intimacy and mutual dependence.This may make Aries appear as aloof, uncaring and indifferent and a Cancer look too needy and sensitive.An Aries individual is devoted to the family, but not at the same level as Cancer.

Truth is too much affection and demands from family or friends may make the Aries feel smothered.At times, Cancer may feel as if he/she is the only one contributing to the relationship. The compatibility of this relationship will depend to a great extent on how much both the individuals learn from and understand each other.Aries can teach Cancer how to become independent while he can also learn compassion and a little sensitivity from the crab.On top of that, dealing with his constant mood swings may just be too much for her to deal with. Either one of them or both must be willing to compromise for this relationship to work and last.

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