Android rss feeds not updating double your dating derek rake

05-Oct-2020 03:15

The article itself can be saved, you may open it in a mobile browser instead, or share it using Android's share options.

All articles that you save this way are stored in the archive from where they can be accessed at any time regardless of the actual feed the article came from.

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I’ve got nearly 30,000 unread articles across 186 feeds, including several for websites that no longer exist — I leave some of them on the list because I’m lazy, and some because I want to keep their memory alive. I loathe to delete even a site that I almost never read, because someday I might need those five posts from the US Intelligence Community’s Tumblr blog, or those dozens of news announcements about small drones, a topic I have not covered in-depth for years.You can pick a desktop reader, pick an online service, an application, or something that syncs across devices.Depending on how you read your feeds, you may prefer one or the other.If you are shopping for a fast feed reader for Android though, then you may want to give it a try.

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Generally speaking, technology journalists do not think it's dead. Who needs a news feed when you and your buddies can just update each other with a status. The Feedly Android app has been downloaded over 1.5 million times and over.… continue reading »

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Using an RSS reader, you can view data feeds from various news sources, such as. You must use the RSS feeds as provided by CNN, and you may not edit or.… continue reading »

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Hi! I want to use feedly to subscribe to my personal front page. Once I add the feed it loads the most recent articles, but then there are no.… continue reading »

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