Allowance backdating

17-Jul-2020 12:41

Write to the Benefits Service, PO Box 3, Manchester, M15 5BA.Or you can make an appointment to speak to an advisor who will take details of your request.'Working age' customers are people who are under the qualifying age for State Pension Credit.More about the qualifying age for State Pension Credit Housing Benefit.

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Check your state pension age to check the date you may be entitled to start receiving Pension Credit.We can sometimes backdate the start of your benefit (but not education benefits) up to one month before the date you claimed. This is not a conclusive list and you will be expected to explain your reasons fully and provide supporting evidence.If you have not yet applied for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support you can request backdating your benefits on the application form by telling us why you have delayed making a claim.If you are already receiving benefits, you will need to write to us to request backdating your benefits.

Please detail your name, address, reference number, the date you would like to claim from and your reason for requesting the backdate at this stage.

Your new code will reflect your new Personal Allowance and will end with ‘N’.

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