Accuracy of c 14 dating

30-Mar-2020 18:27

Let’s look into key findings from different heatmap tests.

One of the main differences between mouse- and eyetracking heatmaps is that when using mouse tracking, you are getting data from your actual visitors.

Heatmaps are roughly divided between mousetracking heatmaps and eyetracking heatmaps.

The big majority of companies use mousetracking heatmaps because of it’s price effectiveness.

This phenomenon has been around for a long time – We are bombarded daily by thousands of ads, so we have subconsciously learned to ignore advertising on websites.

This also means that any block of text or images that may look like advertising will be ignored.

This study has found that people tend to read textual content in an F-shaped pattern. It means that people skim and that their main attention goes to the start of the text.

They read the most important headlines and subheadlines, but only selectively read the larger parts of the text.

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Inserting a good call-to-action or relevant content to the end of the webpage can drive up conversions.Optimize the design of your website, so that your visitors could find what they are looking for (or what you want to sell the most) in an increasingly hasty world.Several studies have found that the left side of the website gets a bigger part of your visitor’s attention. There are always exceptions, but keeping the left side in mind first is a good starting point.Visitors almost never look at anything that looks like an advertisement.

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