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03-Sep-2020 14:24

However, if accommodation is the only style a person utilizes, he or she is advised to learn more skills. The classic compromise in negotiating is to "split the difference" between two positions.

While there is no victor from compromise, each person also fails to achieve her or his original goal.

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Competitive tactics include: - Lying - Concealing one's own goals - Concealing one's own interests - Attacking or criticizing the other person verbally - Becoming positional, and then incrementally compromising toward a middle ground - Elevating one's own arguments - Denigrating or rejecting the other's arguments - Threatening and bluffing - Denying responsibility - Pretending to be or actually being hostile "Whatever you want is fine with me." When one party in a conflict genuinely does not care about the outcome of the conflict, accommodation may be the right choice for that situation.

Our waves of insecurity, lack of or low confidence problem, can be like our shadow, blocking out our light, inhibiting the fullness of our personality to shine through.