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(See section 60 of the Act) It should be borne in mind that if an application for a lease extension is made, it will be suspended if the other leaseholders make an application simultaneously for the freehold using the Collective Enfranchisement procedure laid down by the 1993 Act.

Similarly during the currency of an application for Collective Enfranchisement a flat owner cannot apply for a lease extension.

Download a template informal letter enquiring about lease extension of a flat, or to purchase the freehold of a house or flat If you are not able to agree a lease extension with your landlord, you would need to go down the statutory route that is the subject of this guide.

The formal procedure is started by the service of the Tenant’s Notice on the landlord (the Tenant’s Notice) and it then follows a prescribed route.

The Landlord is entitled to a premium (the price) for the lease extension and this is based on a formula set out in the relevant Act.

The Act giving the right is the Leasehold Reform Housing & Urban Development Act 1993 (as amended by subsequent Acts).

Further details on assessing the premium payable are available in our leaflet “Lease Extension-valuation”.

There is a substantial amount of work to be completed before you start.

Qualifying as a leaseholder To be a Qualifying leaseholder you must own a long lease and have owned it for the past two years.